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    Hey, my name is Zeph, i should start off by saying i know next to nothing about trucks and engines in general this is a learning project.

    I just bought a 1986 Toyota Pickup and shortly after the engine blew up! so ive got it all tore down, turned out to be piston rings were shot, the timing chain guide was shattered into little pieces all throughout the block and one of the crankshaft bearings was completely gone.

    so im gonna have the crankshaft turned and order a major engine rebuild kit for it and probably have the head acid dipped/inspected by a professional. My question to all you much more expierenced guys out there is...what else could/should i do to it while i have it all open and tore down? thanks in advance

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    Im gonna guess this engine is a 22re.
    Id drop the block at a reputable shop and have them clean the cylinders, possibly a bore job since you say the pistons/rings were shot.
    Id look at a heavier flywheel and better clutch package.
    Research aftermarket harmonic balancers.
    New water pump and rod out the radiator and heater systems, new hoses.
    Clean out the injection system and look at balanced injectors.
    Research a new DUI distributer, cap, larger wires, hotter plugs.
    Wont be cheap, but with research and good choices you can build a powerful, dependable, long running engine. Or you can go cheap and continue to work out issues as pop up causing you down time.
    Basicly a pay me now or pay me later, but you will pay me, situation.
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    Definitely a rebore to the next oversize, and a complete regrind of the crank. This way there's no second guessing oil pressure/compression values with the (looks good) scenario. These values make all the difference for longevity. Also when your breaking it in...don't go balls out...but run it hard in the first hundred miles, as this assures good ring seal. Good seal comes from being under pressure and without it....it will bypass compression. An easy breakin won't seal the rings, like powering hard on it will. I recommend not over doing it though.....break it in hard and it will last along time.
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    This has been a couple of weeks, how's this project going along?

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