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Looking for a Tacoma club near me. I'm in Brevard, NC. Near Asheville, NC.
Just saws this, post inside of the NC forum. I know some folks out in that area, I can ask around. Or you can form one here and get started on here perhaps.
I resolved the issue about the manuals, I looked at index and the 1998 manual covers the 5 VZ engine.
Only questions remaining. Local T-100 club and what seat can be fit as drivers seat to replace my 60% portion. Ideally a seat where the headrest can be tilted forward. I will post it, your list is already long enough. thanks
Hi, I'm new to this type of thing. I have a 97 T100, 4 wheel, SR5, manual shift, with extended cab. I bought is used in 2000, it had only 14,000 miles. It now has 175,000 miles.
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welcome, I'm new too. I'm afraid I don't know much about the t100 truck. what does that look like?
Hey, thanks for joining. Please post in the forums for more people to jump in and offer help

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