Toyota Members from Indiana - Rollcall Please!


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Let's hear from Toyota Truck and SUV owners from Indiana!

To help build this local community, please shout-out with the following:
  • Please introduce yourself to the group.
  • Include where you're from & what you do for a living/
  • Never forget to include what you're driving, looking to sell or buy.
  • Please let us know if you're a vendor, we love having local vendors!
  • And do you have any interest in going to a local meet?

Frank Coolidge

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So I am new to the Toyota forum but have lived on the Corvette Forum in the past ... Picked up a 2011 Tacoma PRO to tow my 1999 FRC to a few autocross races this year ... and want to find out how this truck community plays together ... where is everyone??

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