NEGATIVE Battery Terminal Cover


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Anyone know where I can buy a cover for the Negative battery terminal on my 2019 4R? Preferably locally here in SoCal / in the US? All I can find is what’s on Ebay and Alibaba- taking 3 to 6 weeks to receive! It’s dumb Toyota only gives you the positive cover- IMO, just like Toyota doesn’t make the locking fuel filler door or offer a locking gas cap.


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Huh. Never thought about that before. Online shipped to you is your best bet. Do you have a part #?


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No. Just those pics shown in EBay and Alibaba listings. You know some ware house here in the states probably has some but I just can’t find who. Crazy.


The reason why no-one offers a negative terminal cover is because it isn't needed!
The negative terminal is grounded to the chassis

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