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How many 3rd generation Tacoma owners are on here?

Cobra Jock

New Member
I was towing a small camper, it was getting smaller by the day. My Tacoma was great for that tow. Hated to get rid of it. I had put Firestone airbags on it and towed great at all speeds.
Then we got a 34 ft, 6800 lb dry weight, pushing 9000 loaded, the taco was just to small. Now have a 19 Tundra, 5.7.
Don't even know I'm towing until passed by a fast moving big rig. Then a little push to the side, no big deal.
Average 10.6 +/- mpg over the mtns in PA , 55/66 mpg. I'm a slow driver. 11.8mpg
over all for a 1000 mile trip. I use 93 octane when towing.
On my 16 TRD Sport, 6 speed manual, I got rid of the OEM LE2s that came on it. They had cracking in the base of the treads. I put on the new Firestone Destination AT/2s OEM size 265/65R17s. No road noise issues, etc. and a much better tire. Will be great in snow so I hope to see some this winter in NJ. Knee high to a giraffe