Fixed my garage door for $35


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Garage door got off track then buckled. It's a 16 year old thin gauge door that was already repaired once.

Called a couple of guys out because of the heat. They wanted $800 for a new door and track or "a couple hundred" to fix what I have.

The problem was a broken corner in a panel and it made that panel dip down and buckled when it tried to close.

So i took a look at the existing panel support strut, and fashioned one out of a $31 piece of 8' x 1" right angle steel. Drilled out about half a dozen self-tapping metal screws and replaced them with 5/8 bolts with bits.

End result is the sag went away, door doesn't creak as much now and wife is happy.

But the temp was so high I must have lost 5 lbs of sweat. The thermometer failed, hit its max temp. I'm guessing 130.


Essentially my 2nd panel was dropping down and buckling under it's own weight. This caused the door to stop closing (never had a problem opening up) and I had to push it up about 4 inches to get it to close.

I added the 8' 90-degree slotted angle steel piece to give support all along that side of the panel.


Really I just unscrewed the screw-bolts and put the piece underneath and added the screws back in.


The result is that side of the garage door is fully supported across that side of the door. It doesn't sag anymore. It also helped that I added in bolts on the right side.


Yes, I was drenched with sweat after 45 minutes in the garage.


Tada! Hopefully it will last a few years.
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