deer guard/bar for truck


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I live in the country, and I was looking for some more protection from deer for my 2011 tacoma. I wanted to know if anyone could give me pointers to a good bar or new steel bumper to easily install on my truck. I've seen those bull bars but seem small and weak. Im not looking for offroading equipment(since my truck is 2wd) ,but I do drive on country rural roads.


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Have you hit something and you want to keep it from happening again?

A good brush guard will help stop most of the smaller deer and other critters like that from doing much damage. Depends on where you live, like up in the Northwest they've got some big Moose and huge mule deer that will kill you.


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Nah i havent but have had a couple close calls. What kinds of brush guards would you recommend? How about those simple single bull bar?

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And im in texas by the way and theres just tons of the whitetail deer everywhere

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