ARB Compressor w/Quick Connect on TRD Sport

Been doing some work having a front camera put in and a couple of switches (1 for air compressor & 1 for rear locker) for future adds. Will post pictures when done. Camera works great (anytime camera) viewing either front or back anytime. The other 2 switches had to be sent back because I forgot the overhead console takes the smaller size. Hope to have them in within the next two weeks and will posts pictures. On the interim, keep on truckin & have a great day!
TRD ARB Compressor Install & Remote Quick Connect:
Switches in overhead console for compressor & locker (future project).


Compressor installed in what was a rear compartment on left side of truck bed.Compressor tucked in on mounting plate.
Mounting plate cover installed.
5, 6, & 7. Hose runs from wheel well under rear of truck to ARB Quick Disconnect fitting.

The biggest PITA. The connector is not really made to mount in the bumper, and on the TRD Sport it’s a real pain because of the plastic bumper covering. The black ARB cannot be against the plastic cover or it won’t work when tightened. I had to get a washer for the back with a diameter short of the rubber & drill out the center using a step bit to just go over the threads. I was able to get the nut on and tightened, still making sure it worked.

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How long of a project was it?
I had the wiring & compressor install done at a place called Finish Line Auto Salon. I did the air fittings. Wiring & install took the better part of a day. The air line was a piece of cake, except the ARB Quick Disconnect. They provided 2 45 degree connectors, but they were not standard NPT. It was a JIC fitting. I went to a hydraulic hose/fittings place for adapters. You CANNOT get what you need at an auto store, Home Depot or Lowe’s. For that reason I don’t think the ARB Kit was worth the money. If I did it over, I would have had a custom hose made in the first place. Anyway, getting the Quick Disconnect to work through the Sport bumper area took a few days of about 2-3 hours. It would take less than an hour to install now that I’ve figured out the mounting.


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That's a pretty mammoth looking compressor, what are the specs on it?

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