97 T100 fuel line coming out of filter going to engine bay


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Hello all.

I have a 97 T100 3.4L. I decided to replace the fuel filter today. Unscrewed the bolt coming from pump fine but the line going to engine bay is in pretty bad shape. It looks like whoever changed the filter before cross threaded the screw.

Any ideas where to get the fuel line?


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Sorry, this got lost. Did you get your fuel filter replaced? You can get fuel line cut to length at just about any auto part store, i've done this at least 4 or 5 times on various vehicles over the years, just need to take a piece of the line in with you to get it cut to length. You can go to one of the Toyota parts sites online to get OEM fuel line, but that's one component I wouldn't blink about just getting the line on my own.

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