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  1. toyotafan


    It's about to go down son. Reaper Ranch Chips. Bag says scorching, better get some beer.
  2. toyotafan

    I've washed with wax my Tundra daily for two weeks. Here's what it looks like.

    Glossy, clean, shiney. Plus small clearcoat scratches are slowly disappearing. This is very well worth it for a flat rate csr wash fee of $30/mo.
  3. toyotafan

    Gas prices going up due to attacks in the middle- east

    And it sucks. Gas prices near me in Texas have instantly Play done up now they're averaging about $2.50 per gallon
  4. toyotafan

    A bunch of of New Upgrades Keeps 2020 Toyota Tacoma as a leader in it's class of pickup truck

    We all know that the Toyota Tacoma is the clear leader in the midsize pickup truck market in North America. Here's some of the new features that you'll find in the 2020 Tacoma to keep it at the front of this even more crowded field. New LED Headlamps on Limited and TRD Models Toyota Safety...
  5. toyotafan

    Who's from Washington State?

    I was born in Boise, moved to Spokane and lived in the Seattle area for 20 years.
  6. toyotafan

    Carolina Toyota Truck Club

    Who's from the Carolinas?
  7. toyotafan

    Ric Ocasek of the Cars found dead in NYC.

    Just saw this, I remember when their big album Heartbeat City came out around 1984, used to listen to the tapes on my walkman going to school. Ric Ocasek, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer whose popular new wave band, The Cars, helped define the sound of rock music in the late 1970s and '80s...
  8. toyotafan

    Many 2019 RAV4 Hybrid owners are getting over 40 MPG

    Seems pretty crazy, but that's the way things have been headed for midsized crossovers / suvs. For many 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid owners, they're getting well over 40 MPG. Here's a story from Torque News...
  9. toyotafan

    Tundra windshield gasket coming loose

    Pointed this out to my advisor today. This guy is clueless. I said something was coming off up near the top passenger corner of the windshield. He never looked at it, only when i called back. I'm guessing this is a warranty issue? Burns me up that he's not doing his job.
  10. toyotafan

    Rust & flaking paint on 2017 Tundra hitch receiver

    I've read about paint flaking on trailer hitches for this generation of Tundra. Now mine is rusting and the paint flaking off. Warranty issue? How to prevent? Stop? I'll check in with my dealer to see if it's covered under paint. Ive never towed with this Tundra.
  11. toyotafan

    Dealer Review Vandergriff Toyota Arlington Texas

    Review to come It's hit and miss here actually really no followup
  12. toyotafan

    Getting Tundra Toyotacare 15k service today ... hopefully fix rear USB as well

    Nice to have covered services, but i got a less than attentive service advisor assigned to me. They never called me on the USB part being in stock, really bad service actually on communication. Ugh, now they're saying that the rear USB didn't come with the vehicle. Untrue, its on the sticker.
  13. toyotafan

    Polishing out scratches in your truck? What do you use?

    Since I'm going to be buying a polishing kit in the next few days, what types of products should I be looking at? I'm mostly interested in things that will treat slight scratches in the paint.
  14. toyotafan

    Someone put SUPER GLUE on my door handle. Getting it off.

    Someone put super glue on my door handle and it dripped down the side of my driver's door. Fortunately there are enough products that will in fact dissolve superglue, I've just have to try them in succession to see which ones will not harm the paint. I'm gonna start with a gentle nail Polish...
  15. toyotafan

    Considering moving away from propane grill to pellets / charcoal (GOT NEW GRILL!)

    Mostly for taste, but for inside there's some evidence that gas fumes are bad and can linger. Anyhow, the taste for charcoal or smoked meats is so much better that lp gas foods. There's also a Pit Boss 4 in 1 unit im looking at. They have discounted this to $350 at some Walmart's.
  16. toyotafan

    Had another group of Toyotas near me in Mansfield

    Pretty decked out 4runner. Another Tundra parked near me.
  17. toyotafan

    2020 Toyota Tacoma Updates

    Toyota has announced some of the updates for the 2020 Tacoma. Upgraded Multimedia with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa Capability Electronically Power-Adjustable Seat Added on V6 Models SR5 and Up New Multi-Terrain Monitor (MTM) and Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) Available on Top...
  18. toyotafan

    Too funny to not share

    Just too funny. Maybe a little truth.
  19. toyotafan

    Unlimited monthly car washes ~ worth it?

    I paid the $30 for unlimited car washes. So far I've gone through maybe 4 times? I think i got it maybe 10 days ago. If i go at least 8x per month it's worth it. But it's another expense that i have to keep up with. I dunno.
  20. toyotafan


    Saw this on Facebook from a police office in MO's page. How would you feel if this was you, a loved one or friend driving behind a truck that this flew out of?