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  1. MuddyTacoma

    Toyota Truck Club is 15 years old!

    Congrats! I think an Amazon gift card giveaway would be very generous.
  2. MuddyTacoma

    A bunch of of New Upgrades Keeps 2020 Toyota Tacoma as a leader in it's class of pickup truck

    This truck is the size of an average full-size truck from 30 years ago.
  3. MuddyTacoma

    New Member ~ 2002 Toyota Sequoia

    Welcome to the site!
  4. MuddyTacoma

    New Member in N. Calif

    Welcome to the site!
  5. MuddyTacoma

    Event for Toyota ~ Cosby, TN in October

    How's the event look for registrations and interest?
  6. MuddyTacoma

    Joined the Big Tree club ~ Bought 2007 Toyota Sequoia

    Hey there. How do you like the Sequoia so far?
  7. MuddyTacoma

    Accident Last Friday - Distracted Driver Most Likely

    Just saw this post from just after your wreck back over 2 years ago. That sucks.
  8. MuddyTacoma

    Car accident from nearly 2 years so ... settlement

    It's crazy that you're still dealing with this from June of this year, let alone June of 2017 when the accident happened. What are the details of the wreck anyhow?
  9. MuddyTacoma

    GEICO HIPPA form for records is way too broad and open. Don't sign it.

    That's crazy, they can ask for anything they want related to your records. I wonder how many people just sign the form?
  10. MuddyTacoma

    My Thoughts on GEICO Stalling my claim for 2 years

    just a shame that it's taking this long.
  11. MuddyTacoma

    Hypermiling my 2017 Tundra 5.7

    starting off from a full stop takes a lot of energy to get a big truck moving, this is why many major auto manufacturers have gone forward with electric start/stop systems to shut off the engine when you're just idling at a stop light or sitting in a parking lot coming your hair before you go...
  12. MuddyTacoma

    Entune Weather Not Updating?

    Glad that it started updating for you. Does anyone know the cause of this?
  13. MuddyTacoma

    Use your Tacoma or Tundra to drive UBER?

    Anyone on the site ever drive for uber with their truck? How to people respond to getting picked up in a pickup truck?
  14. MuddyTacoma

    The ULTIMATE thread. Talk about anything.

    How's everyone enjoying the young 2019 NFL season already?
  15. MuddyTacoma

    What will the 2021 Tacoma redesign look like?

    Is it going to be 2021 when the Tacoma is redesigned? Has anyone got a clue what it will look like? My guess is that they're going to continue with this aggressive styling they been on for a decade now.
  16. MuddyTacoma

    A/c Compressor??? 2011 Toyota Sienna

    Did you get this fixed? How big of a problem are the ac systems?
  17. MuddyTacoma

    Got An Uber New Toyota Sienna

    Im shocked that uber is still in business. They're losing money like crazy.

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