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  1. MuddyTacoma

    Use your Tacoma or Tundra to drive UBER?

    Anyone on the site ever drive for uber with their truck? How to people respond to getting picked up in a pickup truck?
  2. MuddyTacoma

    What will the 2021 Tacoma redesign look like?

    Is it going to be 2021 when the Tacoma is redesigned? Has anyone got a clue what it will look like? My guess is that they're going to continue with this aggressive styling they been on for a decade now.
  3. MuddyTacoma

    How a transmission works (1936 video) interesting

    Thought this was pretty interesting.
  4. MuddyTacoma

    Toyota Highlander 4th Gen / 2020+ Speculation Discussion

    They've got to be getting close to a new generation for the Highlander. Anyone hear anything?
  5. MuddyTacoma

    When's The Next Toyota Sequoia Going To Be Launched?

    According to the sales numbers (posted here: 2016 Toyota Truck & Suv Sales + Crossovers & Minivans), the Sequoia isn't selling all that hot in the US. Are they going to try to redo it and make it smaller and more fuel efficient? I mean, in Jan/Feb/Mar of this year Toyota sold 76122 RAV4s. In...
  6. MuddyTacoma

    Suvs Missing The Jump

    Hold My Beer And Watch This Supercut Of SUVs Missing Jumps Between the cops in supercars and “hagwalah,” the Middle East sure has some interesting car culture. My favorite part is their propensity to drive way too fast over huge sand dunes, illustrated beautifully by this hilarious video...
  7. MuddyTacoma

    Tent shopping - suggestions anyone?

    So my sister and her family (2 adults, 8 & 6 yo kids) are looking to get started tent camping and it's been so long since I've bought a tent in 20 years ... I've got a Jansport tent from the 90's that still works for me, although my tent-camping days are numbered. First off, it seems to me like...
  8. MuddyTacoma

    Heroes and Generals online game - anyone play?

    Anyone play the newly released Heroes and Generals now that it's FREE and has been released on the Steam platform. WARNING, it's highly addictive!
  9. MuddyTacoma

    Beaver Toyota New Mexico - Santa Fe, New Mexico

    My last purchase was from Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe, New Mexico! I know, I know ... Beaver Toyota? Yup, that's their name. https://plus.google.com/+BeaverToyotaNewMexicoSantaFe/about?hl=en&gl=us So this place is one of those old smaller types of Toyota dealers that make you feel right at...
  10. MuddyTacoma

    Check out this kid's voice!

    I guess this kid's name is Jake Foushee and he's got some chops on him.
  11. MuddyTacoma

    Check out these cool tires. The end for inflatable tires? Polaris TerrainArmor

    Just saw this online, what's everyone think? Polaris TerrainArmor test ride The WV 850 H.O. is the world’s first ATV to feature the company’s innovative new non-pneumatic TerrainArmor integrated wheel and tire, which use a flexible plastic web instead of an inflated rubber carcass to...
  12. MuddyTacoma

    Top 10 Road Trip Games

    I got this off the toyota.com website. seems like i've probably played all of these as a kid then as a dad and group leader. ** Top Ten Road Trip Games Remember the awe and wonder you felt as a kid? When a simple game of “I spy” could keep you joyously occupied for hours? Road games are a...
  13. MuddyTacoma

    2015 Toyota Tacoma Redesign?

    What's everyone think the chance of the Tacoma being redesigned for 2015 are? There are a lot of expectations for sure around the world for what a 2015 (or 2016?) Tacoma those would look like, but has anything been set in stone as to what's being developed?
  14. MuddyTacoma

    What's everyone doing for Easter this year?

    Not that you have to celebrate Easter, just if you do does anyone have any big plans?
  15. MuddyTacoma

    2014 Boating Season is almost here!

    After a pretty cold winter for most of the country, this summer's boating season should be extra sweet! Who's got a boat and who plans on being on the water this summer?
  16. MuddyTacoma

    Happy New Year everyone!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 EVERYONE. Just taking minute here to wish everyone a wonderful 2014!
  17. MuddyTacoma

    Toyota Tacoma Vs. Girlfriend Commercial

    Hahaha. This annoyed my wife like crazy.
  18. MuddyTacoma

    Dark Grey Toyota Sienna photos

    Thought this van looks really nice with this dark Grey color van.
  19. MuddyTacoma

    White Tacoma w/ black xd rims

    Saw this truck in a parking lot and thought it looked good. Thoughts? Like or not like the contrast? It was a woman in her late 30s driving it.
  20. MuddyTacoma

    Nitto Terra Grappler Tire Reviews for Toyota

    Anyone have a set of Nitto Terra Graphler tires for their Tacoma? If so, what size do you have and how do you like them? Pics too please.

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