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  1. jazz

    New vendor forum. QuikFik Tacoma Accessories

    Swap tires out for low profile tires.
  2. jazz

    Did you see that GMC is making an offroad truck to compete against the Tacoma?

    My neighbour has newer Canyon with the 4 cylinder diesel. Nice option and no issues. The trucks are very prone to rust
  3. jazz

    Guy living in 5-foot tacoma bed for 5 years

    I’ll show this to my chief cook and bottle washer. She wants to sell everything and travel. Not sure she’d be digging a 30 sq ft living space
  4. jazz

    Painted Truck Today

    Decided on gloss black, got a good dump of snow today so got the cover on in time. Also sourced NOS handle for cover and since I did not know what size struts to put on cover I picked a set out of clearance bin at RV store for $7 each,,a bit short but do the job
  5. jazz

    90 Pickup for sale

    Not seeing $4k for a 2wd regular cab.
  6. jazz

    Painted Truck Today

    Midnight purple, gun metal grey, flat and gloss black. Cover will only be used during winter
  7. jazz

    Painted Truck Today

    Picked up a tonneau cover cheap, clear coat was lifting so I could not resist. Has a few chips and one chunk that need attention but for $60 its fine. Just have to decide on colour as it will be coming from my collection of left overs which is getting slim. Tonneau cover is just for the winter...
  8. jazz

    Amber Geiger found guilty of shooting her neighbor.

    Its a tragic situation for both parties. Unfortunately she was not a focused professional in the situation. I would expect she will do her time in a "country club" atmosphere.
  9. jazz

    Crank Pulley Woes ~ 2001 Toyota Tacoma

    I would guess the crank pulley needs replaced. Crank pulley does not come loose unless damper is worn IMO
  10. jazz

    Added Predator Steps Today ~ 2016 Tacoma 4X4 TRD Sport

    I like them and they are practical The downside...The chance of driving your head into them when going under truck on creeper. I have a similar single step on drivers side,,,have not hit it yet but its coming.
  11. jazz


    Got these on Etsy for $66. Fit is okay. We'll see how long they last. Save yourself a lot of grief by removing seats,(only 4 bolts per) seat side moldings and drivers side seat buckle. Now install covers. Snake the seat belt buckle through hole while seat is out of truck. This will save you...
  12. jazz

    Just Had My 1991 22re Rebuilt But Noisy

    I know my rebuilt 22RE is noisy. Valves are correctly adjusted but no where near the whisper quit 4 banger in the wife’s Camry
  13. jazz

    Helper Springs added to 1991 Toyota Pickup

    Hauled a couple heavy loads. The overloads did fine, the topsoil was wet so extra heavy. The front wheels stayed on the ground:D
  14. jazz

    Kitchen remodel wife wants granite countertops

    I don’t know much but my painter friend recommended melamine paint for painting my bathroom cabinets It applies very smooth. I was impressed
  15. jazz

    Part's Truck Question

    Looks solid. $400 is a good project for someone. They could have it in the road in a few days
  16. jazz

    Heater resistor ~ 1991 Toyota Pickup

    The ceramic I had would not fit and then after a month it failed. The solder melted so I bought the correct resistor from Rockauto. $15 I think if the resistor fits in housing it’s fine as that cools the resistor,, or so I think
  17. jazz

    4 cylinder vs. 6 cylinder

    Lots of 4th gear towing the steeper grades. The older 4 cylinders were more fuel efficient than their 6 cylinder counterparts. My only reason for owning a 4x4 is getting my boat in and out of the lakes, we don't have traditional boat launches, usually just a clearing to the waters edge.
  18. jazz

    CARID: My Crap Experience

    I buy my rims used, quality OEM, would never spend more on rims than I paid for the truck.
  19. jazz

    Kitchen remodel wife wants granite countertops

    I hauled explosives exclusively for 10 years. 2 of our clients were granite quarries in Vermillion Bay On. On one occasion the detonating cord was labelled incorrectly and instead of cracking the rock it broke it all into chunks. A months worth of drilling and thousands of dollars damage...

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