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    22re Cooling system hoses

    Well hidden had replaced the other 2 Throttle body hoses but not sure the u shaped one ever changed on my truck 230k on the clock.
  2. J

    22re Cooling system hoses

    My 93 Toyota Dlx pickup was losing water from the cooling system and could not find the leak even used dye in the coolant and used a pressure tester. The throttle body coolant hoses had been changed and just did not know there was the the u-shaped hose from under intake to back of timing...
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    Taco Bell is gross.....
  4. J

    2020 Toyota Supra Discussion

    Have only seen one on the road pretty small i agree wish it was more TRD and less Bmw
  5. J

    What do you do for a living?

    Retired since 2003 drove city bus for 30 year's in Seattle for King County Metro
  6. J

    Toyota Truck Club Window Stickers Thread

    Filled form out twice no luck getting Truck Sticker.........sheeet
  7. J

    Hey there - 2018 RAV4 & 93 pickup from Washington state

    Hey been a member since 2016 just picked up a RAV4 2018 model and have owned my 93 pickup since 95 great vehicles Would like a TTC Decal Thanks JB1025

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