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  • Hi guy's I'm still in between automoblie 's I still have the Highlander I was going to get me another Tacoma but I probley get me a 4Runner

    I'm not sure what you want in the status or the url block in the profile
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    Tuck, the status block is optional if you wish to make a statement or tell us about anything you have going on at the moment.
    The url block is used if you have a home page or other media about yourself you might want other members yo see.
    Hey Tim, I accidentally set up a user name with my full name "Mike Fleetwood." I went ahead and set up another member name/profile and I need to delete the other....Do you know how?

    Tim, Steve just took care of it..
    Hey, let me know if you get this. I want to see how much content the system sends to members.
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