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Traded my 2016 Tacoma TRD Sport for a new 2022 Tundra Limited 4X4 TRD Off Road. Would love to be able to edit out the “Sport” in my screen name.
New member- own both a 1979 hilux 2 WD pickup and a 2013 tacoma 4x4 TRD offroad. Always looking for mods and information on the 79. Ive owned it for 30 yrs and stored it for 12. brought it out and got it running this summer, Forgot how fun the thing is to drive.
I'm finally reunited with the 91' 4WD ext cab 22RE I originally bought 25 years ago. I'm redoing the suspension, found new leaf springs, (non lifted). Can anyone help me in locating spring shackles (Toy PN 04483-35060, now discontinued)?
They attach to the existing wll studs with #10 x 2 1/2" wood screws. I used 2x 8 lumber of the heavy stuff and 3/4 t&g OSB for the other shelves and work bench top. They are simple and FAST to install and or alter for height changes.
They are sold at Home Depot but for some reason not in the area they sell shelving but over in lumber area. They are "FAST-MOUNT" , the 14" shelf brackets are rated for 300lbs, the bar code is 77355 01031 & they are made in the USA ! Sizes range from 6' to 24" (I bought 14" f/shelves and 24" f/work bench.
I see alot of people building shelving and benches in their garages. When I built mine I found some 300lb shelf brackets that are adjustable (1.5" each step up or down) and they work great for shelving & benches. The brackets keep your floor clear of drop leg suports for all the above. Spaced at 6 feet apart (mine) they hold easily thousands of pounds of junk (precious treasures lol) .

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