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Trying to save my rotten '86 Base Turbo Pickup


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So I'm trying to everything possible to save my factory turbo 86 truck, 4x4.
First off, the frame is just plain shot.
Second Off, Both footwell cab mounts are coming through the floor, can see clear through on the driver side, plus a bunch of other rust areas that arent through yet, but could be easily punched through with a screwdriver, spots on the firewall, front of the wheel wells, it's just bad.
3rd, the bed is... rearended though not to bad, Needs both wheel well patch panels and front and rear of the wheels lower patch panels. Pry cheaper to replace it too.
I've done a lot of work to drive train already, been through the rearend, front end, clutch and resealed the trans and transfer case, though I didn't pretty it up to much.
Anyway, a roller with a shucked engine, trans, axles, whatever I think would be best for me, take the interior, whatever.
Gotta be the no a/c cab with corner vent windows.
Thats what I'm looking for, frame, cab, bed, no frills, fixable.
Not sure what my wheelbase is, longbed maybe? What's the measurements?
I've been told, that any same wheel base frame from 86-95 can made to work with maybe minor modifications, can anyone speak to that at least?
im not sure what your budget is but we can rebuild your cab and fab a new frame its alot of work but we can do it we just did a 1995 cab frame and all new parts every bolt nut screw all new it takes around 3000 hours to compleet a full resteration but this is the end result it has 6 inch lift full stainless exhaust 38 inch tires and 2 tone blue paint black interior all new frame and over 40 percent of the cab is new. the build we 78000.00 and change



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I'm a certified mechanic by day so I do as much of my own work as possible. I'm short on body skills though. I would keep in mind a frame fab though! But I intend to all the install work.

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