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need help with tailgate supports


just bought a first gen 99 Tacoma sr5 extra cab and it has new cables the previous owner put on it for the tailgate supports saying it had cables on it that he broke off loading his 4 wheeler but the cables cant be the correct part for this truck because they refuse to bend enough to tuck in and so they stay sticking out the seams on the sides of the tailgate about an inch or more.

im sure I must need a hinged cable or something that looks like the metal folding hinge like whats on my brothers 89 Tacoma but all the Toyota parts sites I look at only show the tailgate has 3 parts (2 locking latches and 1 release handle) and nothing else is listed for the side support hangers and there is no listing for bed parts which is where it must be.

does someone know the part number I need for the correct tailgate supports for this truck?

also if anyone has the 99 extra cab 2wd sr5 can you post a picture of what yours looks like?

thank you


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I dont have the part number but I do know their cables, not arms ( I remember this because an over weight friend sat on another friends tailgate one day and the cables snapped dumping him and his cup of beer on the ground, we laughed for a long time about that.)
The cables had a TSB for corrosion at one time, dont know if the TSB is still active.
I can take a pic of mine tomorrow, even though its an xcab 4x4 its the same part.
When new they dont bend well and stick out a little, I remember this from the same incident.
When the dumping happened we were at a Toyota dealership get together and the parts guys found the TSB and brought out new cables for everybodies trucks.


ya I guess its just because its new

i'll hafta put a twist it the cable so it bends to the corner and hopefully stay in that position so it tucks in


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did you get these fixed?
I just bought a 2001 tacoma rwd standard cab
It has yellow ski rope for tail gate support. Left one is broken so i made another.
Works great but stiff and sticks out when closed( inside bed).
I am looking to get the wire cables.
I'll look on Amazon and the net . Im way out in the country and no Dealers around of any kind.

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