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Let's Welcome EGRUSA to the site ... newest sponsor!


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Thanks to EGRUSA for stepping up and supporting the TTC forum. We're glad to have them on as sponsors and you can feel free to shoot questions or comments to them right here in the EGRUSA forum.


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Welcome to the club, tell us a little bit about your company.
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to introduce EGR to the Toyota Club Family as the newest supporting manufactures! We look forward to meeting all of you.
We just picked up 2012 JK and are planning a big build up for SEMA along with some great products this year so stay updated.

Since Im sure you are probably asking yourselves "Who is EGR USA?" I will give you guys a bit of our history. We consider ourselves the biggest company you never heard of

Founded in 1973 in Australia EGR has been the chosen supplier to almost every OEM in North America and many other OEMs around the world, EGR prides itself on producing the highest quality products to last a lifetime.
Chances are that at some point in your life you owned a vehicle that had plastic manufactured by EGR.
Here are few of the Automotive brands we have supplied to thruout the years.

At EGR we own the entire process from start to finish to ensure a quality product. Unlike some other manufactures that get their products from 3rd party factories from who knows where!

All of our raw plastic sheets are manufacturer by EGR in Australia using proprietary plastic formulas specifically developed in house by our team of chemist and engineers. Raw sheets then make their way to the good old USA and are manufactured by very best team in the industry.
Having complete control from beginning to end allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our plastic parts so if anyone has a genuine warranty concern we will address it to the fullest extent.

If your interested in more information, check out our YouTube video here:
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So most probably, I already owned an ERG without me knowing it? Well, you mentioned it can last a lifetime. So it's still there in my aging Toyota.

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