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How many 3rd generation Tacoma owners are on here?

Cobra Jock

New Member
I was towing a small camper, it was getting smaller by the day. My Tacoma was great for that tow. Hated to get rid of it. I had put Firestone airbags on it and towed great at all speeds.
Then we got a 34 ft, 6800 lb dry weight, pushing 9000 loaded, the taco was just to small. Now have a 19 Tundra, 5.7.
Don't even know I'm towing until passed by a fast moving big rig. Then a little push to the side, no big deal.
Average 10.6 +/- mpg over the mtns in PA , 55/66 mpg. I'm a slow driver. 11.8mpg
over all for a 1000 mile trip. I use 93 octane when towing.


Active Member
On my 16 TRD Sport, 6 speed manual, I got rid of the OEM LE2s that came on it. They had cracking in the base of the treads. I put on the new Firestone Destination AT/2s OEM size 265/65R17s. No road noise issues, etc. and a much better tire. Will be great in snow so I hope to see some this winter in NJ. Knee high to a giraffe


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Just trying to see how many other 2016+ Tacoma owners are on this site. Can we get a thread going?
Yo I just went from owning a 2002 Tacoma SR5 with decent aftermarket parts like grill guard and back rack etc. 4cyl 148k miles. I am doing my first ever LEASE of a 2019 Tacoma SR5 full cab V6 with 100 miles on it lol. Big effing difference. So my question to you guys is how can I install something to carry kayak/ladder etc with no drilling? The bed rails are not exposed to clip on or even drill out. Its nothing like my old one. Also have an antenna to clear. Saw some cool racks that would either force me to buy at end of lease if I commit ya know. Hanging a SUP, kayak, lumber, ladder out the back of 5ft bed is no bueno. Any advice would be appreciated.

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