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G Tek Fab Door Sill Protectors

Garage Tek

New Member
Hello TTC Members!

G Tek Fab is a new Vendor here on the site and we are excited to be here!

We first started back in early 2007 with our 2nd gen Tundra door sill protectors and have since produced them for the 2nd gen Tacoma truck line as well.
Along side our door sill protectors we also developed a 2nd gen Tundra stock air box mod back in 2007. The modification proved time and time again to provide added HP as well as increased MPG, it became so popular we decided to produce a Kit. More on the "SABM" Kit on another thread so keep an eye out for it.

2nd gen Tundra/Tacoma door sill protectors.

* Laser cut, machine formed from 16 gauge 6061 aluminum diamond plate or smooth finish aluminum, the G Tek Fab Tundra/Tacoma door sill protectors provide protection where protection is needed the most!

* Our “Carbide Texture Black” is a special blend powder coat specifically designed to contrast all the 2nd gen Toyoat colors, not to mention its long lasting and durable finish.

* All our door sill protectors attach with 3M VHB strips that hold strong and never let go!

Here are a few examples...

2007/2015+ Tundra Crew Max "non diamond plate carbide texture black"

2007/2015+ Tundra Crew Max "diamond plate carbide texture black"

2007/2015+ Tundra Double Cab "diamond plate carbide texture black"

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Garage Tek

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Been busy shipping these DSPs for Tacomas and Tundras and working on a new Tacoma product!

Keep an eye out for door sill protector free shipping in two weeks!


New Member
Does anyone know if G Tek is still in business and pros or cons about their product?

I see the last post is over a year old.


Garage Tek

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We've been in biz since 2007 and still going strong. The tundra SABM kits, tundra door sill protectors and Tacoma door sill protectors are moving fast. I get lots of requests on other forums but no interest here. :(

G Tek Fab is also available at TRDshop.com.


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How's your Toyota Tacoma products coming along?

Garage Tek

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Toyota door sill protectors have been selling like hot cakes!

I just got the results back from the lab rat who installed our new 3rd gen Tacoma Stock Air Box Mod Kit prototype. (SABM)

He's raving about the mid range hp gains and also reported a slight mpg improvement.

Garage Tek

New Member
Copy that...

I've done some custom one offs for a ford and dodge guy but nothing in production as of yet. Soon though.

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