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Air Horn?


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The horn that came on my '14 Tacoma is pretty wimpy, pathetic really. I'm looking to upgrade. Either a MUCH louder electrical one, or an air horn. Anyone have any ideas, or have done this? An upgraded electrical one sounds good, for simplicity's sake, but air horns are cool.
On a related note, are there any legal issues with putting stupid loud air horns on a pickup?


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Your options are wide open as to what horns to put. As for legal issues, that is a state legal issue, each state will be different. Your 14 Tacoma has an OE air horn ? interesting. You can replace the OE horn with anything you like. The more you are willing to spend, the better or louder the horn. We have a few people around here who have a freight train horn on there trucks. They are very loud. Maybe to loud. It is a distraction for other drivers. My 04 4 Runner has the OE electric horns. I find them to be plenty loud with a good tone. If you do an electric horn, you need to make sure that the horns are powered through a relay. A horn takes a lot of supply power. If you want to save some money, you could always take a trip to the salvage yard, and pull a set of horns off of something there. My 97 Chevy Silverado has a set of horns from a Cadillac SRX. One of my horns went out so after a trip to the salvage yard, that was a good replacement. I tried a cheep air horn, but it sounded like a cheep horn. The Cadillac horns sound much better. Be sure if you get some from a salvage yard, that you get both horns. Horns are tuned together for a proper pitch.
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On my 99 Tacoma since I already had an installed compressor and air reserve tank I used an antique steam whistle I found in an old factory.
The air pressure is regulated down some so as to be loud but not obnoxious, and it sounds different than all the other air horns everyone using.


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No, my truck has an OEM electric horn. It sounds tinny, and is not that loud. What I'm looking for is a horn that will demand that the honkee take notice that I'm pissed. What I don't want, (well I do, but I can see legal issues with it) is for someone to sh!t themselves and drive off the road or otherwise have an accident because I honked them.
I'm aware of the train and tractor trailer horns some people use, and while cool, it sounds expensive. I suppose ideally, I'd like a very loud electric horn, something that will pretty much swap out directly with the OEM ones.


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It's been a long time since I had air compressor horns, but they're a blast. How loud are you looking to go?


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