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2005 Highlander Ongoing Windows Problem Not Rolling Up


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Hey Guys,

Appearanently, this is an ongoing problem for Toyotas. :rolleyes:Power windows not working from master switch or individual passenger switches. I've had this problem multiple times and was able to go through the "reset" Master switch procedures, to fix the windows. But it's not working this time.

So, my Drivers Window works great, auto up & down,
Right Passenger Front Works The Way It's Supposed To Up & Down.
The Back windows go down and dont go up, from master switch.

- All 3 passengers switches Do Not work.
- Motors work fine, because when they do work it's quick up & down (no noises etc)
- I replaced Master Switch awhile back, because of these problems and they are re-occuring
- Disconnected Master Switch , reconnected and went through the reset procedure..

I find it interesting the Reset Instructions Couldn't Be Found On This Forum, But Only on Youtube.
I just did this last week and everything worked.
- Close All Doors
- Put Key To 'ON' Position
- Start W/ Drivers Window - Hold Down Till Its Rolled Down & Hold 4 Seconds
Roll Up And Hold 4 Seconds
- Do This For Each Door Window In Sequence. Left Passenger, Left Rear, Right Rear
Today, that procedure doesn't work, after hours figuring it out.

It's funny how your exact problem is never found on Youtube.
For example, they all say roll your rear windows down and hold for 2 , 4 or 10 seconds.
So my back windows are down already and won't go up. (Nobody has a video about that
unless, your going to replace the motor or window is off track).

- Someone mentioned if the back windows, don't work, it's an indicator that the battery needs replaced.
- But The whole "reset" procedure is because you replaced the battery.

1) It would be great if someone had this problem and fixed it with the correct "sequence" for a
2005 Highlander 2.4L (most Toyotas same issue) What ever I did before worked, so it's not
the motors or all 3 passengers swtiches gone bad..

2) If anyone has 'hotwired' the back windows to get them up, that would be great to know too.

Since I got this used Highlander I've to go through a sequence to "reset", the Tire Pressure gauge,
a new lock fob and master window swtich.

Love to find the "Master Mechanics Manual" for reprogramming this stuff.

Appreciate It!
David D.:cool:


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Ok, I had my neighbor come over a help me diagnose the problem and "jump start" the window motor to close them. I wish I could do electrical, to chase problems, like reading a volt meter, skematics, etc. I hate asking for help, when it comes to electrical.

Anyway, we determined it was NOT the master switch or the individual swtiches or motors, but the "junction block", which is in the middle between the master switch and the door switches. It did not show a ground on the "Blue/Red" wires. So, at least, we marked the motor positive/negative on the connection pins. If it happens again accidently goes down and cant go back up, I know where to 'jump' the window to close it.

For those of you that are clueless like me, and if you're having same issue, you have to go to the door window that's not working, take the door panel off, to get to the connection. Disconnect from switch and hook up test light (turn car to ON position for power) find the main power pin (should light up the test light), then find ground, mark location motor + / - with marker, then we used a lawn mower battery, hooked up the probes (alligator clips) and insert them to the + motor and ground, then window should go up.

I hope this help someone, that's going thru similiar problems I had. There's no "reset sequence" or master switch or motors, or switches, needs replacing, But you do have to find someone that knows how to trace these problems and can read a scematic.


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