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2000 SR5 5-Speed Manual King Cab … Should I Keep It?


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I had a new engine installed 3 years ago. It only had a 2 year warranty, now I have bad compression in 2 cylinders and my mechanic is telling me it could need $2000-$4000 in repairs and could have a warped head. I am the original owner. Spent $4000 on the new engine just 3 years ago. The paint is starting to peel, otherwise it is in okay shape. Interior is in good shape. Trying to decide if it is time to bite the bullet and sell it so I can get a newer model. Do you think anyone would be interested in this truck? What are the chances that I could find a newer truck in a manual transmission? I really don't want to go to automatic. Thanks

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Considered swapping the engine yourself? You can upgrade to a different engine. Which engine do you have? As an example JDM has the 3UZ V8 with ECU for $1,100. Just engine no trans packages are cheap, the V8 was installed until 2007(?) mainly in Lexus. If you do a same swap it would take you about a day to complete. Plus you know the truck. I have a 98 Sierra 2500 bought new and I'd never get rid of it, never had any major issue, runs great and has 356000 mi on it.


that manual transmission argues strongly for keeping it. so does the clean body. newer trucks will be harder to find with manual. and there will be a lot more computer stuff in a newer one, making it harder to work on at home. i like simple easy to fix old school stuff. even my wood working tools are 40year old craftsman. so i am biased. but i say, if you cant fixit, dont buy it. how hard is it to replace the heads?


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