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  1. Spope

    Toyota Frame Issues

    Fellow Toyota owners, My family members and I have been proud Toyota truck owners for my entire life - Until recently. I have a truck that’s always lived in the south. I just noticed I have a crack in the front of the frame, under where the engine sits AND The frame is also separating on...
  2. M

    Any Running board suggestions for a 2017 Tundra Crewmax Limited TRD 4x4? Thank you in advance.

    Any Running board suggestions for a 2017 Tundra Crewmax Limited TRD 4x4? Thank you in advance.
  3. T

    2000 Toyota Tundra brake lights not working

    I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra. Her name is Tonya. Her brake lights are not working when I press on the brake. I have pulled the back lights out, and the bulbs are fine. I checked the fuse, and it is not blown. What could possibly be the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. toyotafan

    So this happened ...TWO FLAT TIRES

    I work up near the new Texas rangers ballpark construction and they're routing traffic around cones on the street. Pretty narrow. Anyhow, I got through that detour on the road ruth a car on my left so I stayed to the right and just clipped the curb. Probably by about 2 inches. My fault. I...
  5. toyotafan

    2019 Toyota Tundra Review

    MSRP: $31,670 - 50,680 2019 Tundra is Hardcore The hallmark of the 2019 Toyota Tundra is its size and sheer overall power. The stock 5.7L V8 engine is one of the most powerful on the market and with other driver assistance technology it's truly over built, functioning more like a 1-ton truck...
  6. toyotafan

    Rock Warrior Wheels

    Let's discuss the Rock Warrior Wheels for your Tundra (or other Toyota) and get some feedback and photos of your rims please. Questions about Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Wheels Did you Add them? If you have these rims, did you buy the truck with them on or did you add them later? Main Benefit...
  7. toyotafan

    Crazy Good Toyota Tundra Resale Value

    I'm not going to sell, but I've been looking to see what my truck is worth. Remember I got a good deal on this truck because it was a 2017 that was held over until the 2019s were selling. So the dealer sold it to me for a pretty good rate, but looking at different sources a lot of 2017...
  8. toyotafan

    Half the parking lot was Tundras!!!

    Seemed like it. 4 late model Tundras in the same parking lot at the same time. Even my truck twin.
  9. toyotafan

    Someone ripped the antenna off my Tundra

    This is really annoying. Like seriously. There's a scratch on the side now as well. No clue. Bizarre.
  10. toyotafan

    Favorite color of lifted Toyota Tundra 2019 4x4?

    I dropped my truck off for service and to have them see why the USB ports went out and why the rear tailgate lock sticks sometimes, plus the 10k service and oil change. They should wash it as well. While waiting for my complimentary UBER ride within 10 miles ... which is nice because they...
  11. toyotafan

    Instagram user posts burnt truck, gets new Tundra from Toyota

    This is pretty sad, heartwarming and awesome of toyota. They've got a go fund me account setup.
  12. toyotafan

    Tundra all weather floormats

    Got these at Family Toyota of Burleson. All weather floormats front and rear. With this crazy rainy fall we're having im so glad i went the all weather route.
  13. toyotafan

    Dealer sold me a USED Tundra as a NEW Tundra???

    Three Weeks Ago Tomorrow, I bought a "new" 2017 Toyota Tundra. Noticed there were a lot of scratches in the paint, they agreed in writing to fix the paint issues and give me floor mats (which were missing). So, having been back to the dealership now FIVE TIMES to get the paint touched up, it...
  14. Nicky


    ‍♂️WHATS YOUR ZOMBIE PLAN?‍♂️ Are you stocked up with the best gear? Is your ride equipped with Zombieflage seat covers to prevent infection? Don't let yourself become zombie food, take advantage of 10% off & FREE SHIPPING Custom Zombieflage Seat Covers all October long with promo: TOYOTA18...
  15. toyotafan

    Toyota Tundra Sr5 Crewmax 5.7 Walkaround Overview Review

    Just a quick pre-sale walkaround review I made before buying this new truck a week ago. I'll have a full review coming out in the next week or two, once it quits raining.
  16. Nicky

    Toyota Custom Seat Covers

    To anyone interested, we do Custom Seat Covers for all Toyota Trucks We can do front and back seats. These are great for keeping your ride protected while out on the trail or just every day wear and tear. Use promo code TOYOTA18 for 10% off. Here is a set of our Black and Red Leatherette...
  17. M

    Tundra Front Bumper Repair

    Hey all, I own a 2004 Tundra that I inherited from my dad. He was dedicated to fixing the truck himself and its been going smoothly for over 200,000 miles. Unfortunately, the bumper was knocked off recently (small accident) and I've yet to get it put back on. I'm debating on getting it put...
  18. T

    Help Find This Truck!!

    Hello All, I'm a new member here, I just made a username to post this thread. So, bit of a long shot, but there was a Toyota Pickup used to steal a veterans monument in Rockdale County Georgia last night. I know personally, I can pick out cars in my neighborhood pretty easily, and if you can...
  19. J

    For Trade: 20" Enkei Aluminum Alloy Wheels

    I'd like to trade my Enkei Aluminum Alloy wheels for stock 17" Aluminum Toyota Tundra/Sequoia wheels 6 lug nuts. They're in decent condition, few scratches very minor scratches from normal driving. The tires have some tread left, but will need to be replaced soon. I'm fine to trade for wheels...
  20. G

    Toyota Tundra Frame Rott

    Ok so I'm buying another truck and I found a Toyota Tundra with a 5.7l on Craigslist it's pretty nice with only 67,000 miles on it for $5000 they said the frames rotted I don't know if this guys a idiot or if it actually is rotted I don't know what year it is it looks like it's at the oldest...

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