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  1. B

    Towing Advice ~ Tacoma And Small Trailer

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for unbiased opinion on if you think a Tacoma extended cab 6 cylinder automatic transmission would be suitable for towing a travel trailer with roughtly 277 lb tongue weight and 2400 total weight. I'm looking at something like an R-pod trailer. I don't have either the...
  2. tibadoe

    Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller with Harness

    Been looking for a brake controller for my Tundra. My requirements were simple: Easy installation, stock OEM looks, OEM wiring plugs with no cutting or splicing vehicles wiring harness required. So this is what I found: P3 Brake Controller & Harness combo from Amazon. Came with the wiring...
  3. awonderingdawn

    How Do You Know How Much Your Trailer Weighs For Towing Capacity Estimates?

    So random question, but my boyfriend has a 2014 Toyota Tacoma V6 (which I believe has a 3,500 lb towing capacity). We just bought a trailer that we were going to tow with it as we moved and we were going to fill it pretty ridiculously full (including putting things in the bed of the truck). My...
  4. toyotafan

    Building a homemade travel trailer (video)

    Not sure why, but I really like the way that this guy thinks and how he went about his project of building a trailer on his own. He said that he didn't have any plans for building a camper trailer, but he clearly had seen them and maybe even owned one in the past and was able to do all of the...
  5. D

    Trailer Back-up Lights not working

    I noticed the trailer back-up lights weren't working and I believe never have. This is a 2010 Taco with towing pkg from factory and no wiring modifications. Truck B/U lights work fine. I have continuity between the trailer connector pin and the first connection in the truck cab (white plastic...
  6. toyotafan

    trailer wiring problems. bad connector!

    I spent like 2 hours tracing down poor wiring connected on my utility trailer. Turns out I had a bad 7 pin to 4 flat connector! Replaced that and lights are strong and bright again!
  7. S

    Thoughts on LED work lights

    Whats everyones thoughts on mounting LED work lights mounted to the back of a trailer? I have couple extra LEd work lights for sale
  8. B

    What kind of truck do I need to haul a horse trailer?

    I need to be able to haul a horse trailer. With a horse in it of course. What are the minimum requirements for a truck to do this?
  9. toyotafan

    It's Camping Season! Who's going camping this year?

    Took the new trailer out for a nice week long trek across east Texas and Southeast Oklahoma, week before last, so it's officially camping season again! I'll add some more pics shortly.
  10. toyotafan

    What are Brake Controllers? Nice Video Explaination

    Just found this video, if you want a nice overview video of what brake controllers are and when you need each type. For example, the video discusses how there is a fundamental difference between boat trailers (mostly hydraulic systems since they're designed to be under water) and other types of...
  11. toyotafan

    Amish built travel trailers in US ~ Jayco Production Facility Video

    Wow, I didn't know this. The saleman said that the Jayco (and I assume a lot of other trailers in Indiana and other areas) are built by Amish workmen, and wow he was right. I've got a lot of respect for the Amish work ethic, when I look at how lazy I've become in life and how the Amish tend to...
  12. toyotafan

    Top RV & Trailer Accessories & Parts

    Anyone have anything else to add to this list of the top accessories and parts to add to your RV or trailer? Here are the 20 items every owner of a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel should have. These items will help you keep your RV clean, safe, well maintained and more enjoyable...
  13. toyotafan

    Toyota Brake Controller Options

    What's everyone using for a brake controller on their tow vehicle?
  14. DunkinDog

    Camping Last time you camped?

    I haven't went was 5 years ago, before my wife found out she was pregnant. I am hoping to go this summer. I was waiting for her to be old enough and we feel being 4 is a good age for camping. So when was the last time you went camping? What did you do on your trip?
  15. toyotafan

    Shasta Flyte 255RS Trailer ... looking at this instead

    So I never completed the trailer sale from the other week on the Jayco Jay Flight ... ... for about $3k more, I can get into one of these, and it's only like 200 lbs heavier, with a slide! Shasta Flyte 255RS Look at how much bigger it is inside with a 2' x 9' slide out. That's an...
  16. toyotafan

    For insurance purposes, is a trailer considered part of the tow vehicle?

    So, I've been looking into Trailer Insurance for my new trailer. I found a great article on dmv.org. So, all this is good and well, but is the trailer covered under the tow vehicle's insurance in case you back up and the trailer hits something, or you lose control and the trailer jackknifes...
  17. toyotafan

    What type of RV insurance do you have for a travel trailer?

    Now that we're buying a RV, just wondering what type of RV insurance do you have for your trailer?
  18. toyotafan

    Dallas RV Supersale Event 2015

    Just got some great pics of this event.
  19. toyotafan

    Jayco Jay Flight 23MB trailer / 26BH Trailer & Quality Build Problems

    Got a good deal on a Jay Flight 23MB trailer today at the Dallas RV Supersale from www.RV-max.com and it's only 4200+ lbs so I should have no problems towing it with anything. Camping time! We take delivery next week. HaylettRV.com - 2015 Jay Flight 23MB Murphy Bed B…: We're getting...
  20. B

    How much can your truck tow mac? Have you done it?

    I never used a truck to tow anything too heavy so I never gauged it. My husband would like to get an RV trailer for camping trips he plans on taking with his brother. I want to make sure our new truck can tow the weight easily. How much does your truck tow and what model is it?

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