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  1. Jesus Garcia

    Review All New 2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Review

    I got a chance to test drive the new 2019 RAV4 at the 2018 Texas Truck Rodeo. I was embarged from talking about the MSRP, mileage, and driving impressions until the end of this month, but there are important design features you might be interested to know before they go on sale at the end of...
  2. toyotafan

    RAV4 Forum Roll Call

    Who's got a Toyota RAV4? How do you like it? What's good and what's bad? Post pics too!
  3. C

    2013 Rav4 Stereo Screwing Up??

    I have no clue what I'm doing, but I was wondering if anyone could help me! My 2013 RAV4 radio has been acting up for a while. The bluetooth won't connect to any device, and the USB will charge the phone but won't connect it for media. I know for sure that it's the car and not the devices...
  4. tibadoe

    2014 Rav4 - Maintenance Data Reset

    2014 RAV4 Limited AWD Reset the maintenance data (U.S.A. only) - owners manual page 521 After the required maintenance is performed according to the maintenance schedule, please reset the maintenance data. (Maintenance Data Light comes one every 5,000 miles per reset) To reset the data, follow...
  5. tibadoe

    2014 RAV4 Limited AWD Oil Change - DIY

    Changing your oil is one of the most important preventative maintenance (PM) services you can perform on any vehicle. At a minimum, stick with the manufacturers service schedule recommended for your vehicle. I recommend you document each and every service you perform. Keep all receipts. I print...
  6. tibadoe

    Extended Vehicle Warranties - Yes Or No

    Seems to be very debated subject. Years ago I wouldn't think twice about Extended Warranties (EW). My little home shop has most of the tools needed to do preventative maintenance and minor repairs. I enjoy doing all my own scheduled maintenance on my vehicles, small engines, and motorcycle...
  7. toyotafan

    Toyota RAV4 Photo Thread : Show your RAV4

    Let's get a picture thread of member's RAV4s going now. If you've got a RAV4, go ahead and post a photo to this thread and let's keep it going.
  8. SEMA LifeTime Fitness RAV4 Overview

    SEMA LifeTime Fitness RAV4 Overview

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