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  1. toyotasrule

    Spam controls

    Nice, hope it makes a difference. Nothing worse than a community site that's taken over by spammers.
  2. toyotasrule

    SUMMER 2022 - All Members Check In Please

    It's been a long and hot summer already, just been hanging out, trying to plan a trip for early August with the fam.
  3. toyotasrule

    Looking for a 1970-1972 Toyota Pickup

    Good luck on that. Seriously.
  4. toyotasrule

    Mods done to 2019 Tundra so far

    Nice. What's the maxseal kit?
  5. toyotasrule

    Polishing out scratches in your truck? What do you use?

    Let's see some pics now that you say it's diminished.
  6. toyotasrule

    Kicker Bullfrog Bluetooth BF100

    Is that fully waterproof or just water resistant?
  7. toyotasrule

    Considering moving away from propane grill to pellets / charcoal (GOT NEW GRILL!)

    Nice grill. We've seen the PitBoss brand around quite a bit lately. Enjoy!
  8. toyotasrule

    Unlimited monthly car washes ~ worth it?

    Where are you located?
  9. toyotasrule

    Tundra windshield gasket coming loose

    How would that not be warranty? It's like not covering the electric window motor because it's glass.
  10. toyotasrule

    Rust & flaking paint on 2017 Tundra hitch receiver

    Can you get a closer pic? That might be easy to touch up if it's just the lower part of the receiver, down where the chains hook up.
  11. toyotasrule

    Dealer sold me a USED Tundra as a NEW Tundra???

    Getting the extended toyotacare will be a win, but does that do anything to the warranty?
  12. toyotasrule

    2015 Tacoma Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

    Isn't this backwards? Usually ain't Toyota factory stuff better built than aftermarket? Are accessories the exception?
  13. toyotasrule

    Review All New 2019 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Review

    i've not heard of the adventure package, is the RAV4 the only vehicle it comes on?
  14. toyotasrule

    Instagram user posts burnt truck, gets new Tundra from Toyota

    the fires in california have been horrific, prayers to all of them out there. it seems like the drought out there has been bad for a decade or longer and unfortunately fires like this might be more and more common. pretty sweet that toyota's going to get him a new truck. question ... how...
  15. toyotasrule

    Bad Speaker in new Tundra with Entune premium sound?

    what's ironic is that the more premium the sound system is the easier it is to notice issues with the quality of the sound. theres a bigger margin of error in a junky sound system before you notice problems come up. as for the hairbrush, guilty of that myself, anything that gets into the door...
  16. toyotasrule

    Dealer sold me a USED Tundra as a NEW Tundra???

    You struck a nerve with this post, just saw that it's been viewed over 3000 times since last Friday, so the last five days.
  17. toyotasrule

    Dealer Review Family Toyota in Burleson, Texas

    Sounds like they pulled it together for you.
  18. toyotasrule

    What Did You Pay For Gas This Week?

    It's funny to look back at this thread that started in 2005 about gas prices. :-) $2.37 in Jacksonville, FL
  19. toyotasrule

    DFW TX I35 TRAFFIC in Fort Worth is even worse than ever

    how long did it take to get through that. no other signage up saying to stay away from the area?
  20. toyotasrule

    When are full-size trucks going to have Auto Start / Stop technology

    I think it almost makes more sense in a truck but don't they have to put in much more expensive batteries to keep all of the electronics running when the engine cuts off? I know they move off a serpentine belt and into electric everything. Electric AC, electric power steering, electric brake...

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