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  1. kennythewelder

    New Old Guy

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. kennythewelder

    New to the community

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. kennythewelder

    U-joint replacement

    Cost, well,,, the price 9f everything has skyrocketed, so, I really can't answer that. I always do that kind of work my self, so for me, it's just the cost of the parts. That can vary a good bit, depending on the quality. As for 50,000 miles, that also depends on how the truck was used. Not...
  4. kennythewelder

    Newbie here.

    Welcome to the forum. It is slow here, but I do pop in every few days.
  5. kennythewelder

    1994 Camper top/shell

    This forum is very slow. The chances of you finding anyone in your area that wants to buy a camper top project are very slim, if at all. IMO, you would be a lot better off listing it on your local FB MP. $50 is a good price, but that back glass is $900. So unless someone wants the camper top for...
  6. kennythewelder

    Steering issue

    Just a thought. Sorry I can help more.
  7. kennythewelder

    Steering issue

    Did you have the truck aligned yet? Caster can play a part in this.
  8. kennythewelder

    Insurance company hassle

    Well, here's the thing. It's worth, what someone is willing to pay for it. So, your best bet, is to look on your local FB marketplace, auto section, and see what people are asking for the same vehicle. As for the insurance company. They will always low ball you. The only way to avoid that is, to...
  9. kennythewelder

    New to community I have a question need help with frame condition

    It doesn't look to bad, but it's a little hard to tell just from pics. Here is what you need to ask yourself. Are you willing to put some work into the truck to make it rite? If it's not to bad, it can be cleaned off, and then the metal can be treated with a rust inhibitor like Ospho. Then a...
  10. kennythewelder

    Felt like the frontend came off the ground!

    A 2011 Avalon, runs about a 14.8 quarter mile. Zero to 60, is about 6.4 seconds. So although that isn't slow by any means, it's a long way from fast. A new Corvette runs a 11 second quarter mile, and a zero to 60 in just under 3 seconds. The Vette will put you back into the seat when you nail...
  11. kennythewelder

    Seeking advice on suspected A750F transmission issues

    Well, it sound like it needs a rebuild. A good transmission shop, will be busy. The dealership will be expensive. I had my transmission rebuilt in my Chevy C1500 last year. I had a high performance rebuild done, and it cost me $2800.
  12. kennythewelder

    Towing shock absorbers for Tundra 2007 - what are the best options?

    I really have run air shocks in a long time. Monroe used to be a good brand though.
  13. kennythewelder

    Happy to be in your Club

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. kennythewelder

    Towing shock absorbers for Tundra 2007 - what are the best options?

    Well, air shocks of you can find them. Bilstein makes some of the best regular shocks you can buy.
  15. kennythewelder

    Carburetor Help - '79 Engine in '74FJ

    2 jet, do you mean 2 barrel carburator? We really need more information. I am not a Toyota mechanic. This is a member supported forum. So, what is a 2F engine. 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder ? What size is it. A pic of the carb would also help. Places like Summit Racing, and Jegs do sale...
  16. kennythewelder

    What's my truck worth?

    IMO, ask $5500. You can always come down some on the price.
  17. kennythewelder

    Spark plugs

    It could, it mite. The first step will be to remove the old plugs and see what they look like. You can tell a lot by looking at ( reading) the spark plugs. Don't get cought up in all of the hype about spark plugs. Just replace them if needed with Denzo OE plugs. Low fuel pressure can and will...
  18. kennythewelder

    Buying a Used Truck - advice needed

    Tacoma is what made Toyota what it is today. Or let me rephrase that and say the small truck is what made Toyota what it is today. Toyota doesn't make junk. No 4x4 is going to give grate MPGs. The trick is to find one in decent shape with out a bunch of modifications.
  19. kennythewelder

    Oil temperature warning light

    Not sure about an oil temp light. And without a true oil pressure gauge, it's hard to say exactly what the oil pressure is. This may be a good time to look into adding a decent aftermarket oil pressure gauge. If it's oil temp, then it very well could be a trans temp gauge. It's been a long time...

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