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  1. suncomb1

    Drum to Disc brake conversion???

    Downy Off-Road made a nice kit when they were in business. LC Engineering might be able to help you. I run Downy's kit but use the high performance Corvette calibers with integral hand brake and Lokar's handbrake cable system in conjunction with the stock hand brake system. My rotors are vented...
  2. suncomb1

    Performance modifications?

    If your attached photo is your truck and you have a 22R or RE then the sky is the limit. I pull a little over 300 HP with the rev limiter dialed in at 6500 RPM ( I can go more if I reset some things). Seriously though, do not make the mistakes many people do by adding this and that and expecting...
  3. suncomb1

    Need New Shocks ... Suggestions?

    The whole truck was totally redone in 1990. It was originally factory Black but I got tired of the Black so everything was stripped to bare metal, etched, epoxy primered and painted with Sikkens Teflon based paint (never available in the USA). The paint is about 24 years old and still has a very...
  4. suncomb1

    Need New Shocks ... Suggestions?

    My suspension / chassis was designed and built by Downy Off-Road / Cal Wells. The frame is boxed / re-enforced, 4" lift with custom springs, greasable custom HD shackes, urethane bushings everywhere, custom HD dropped adjustable torque rod, custom HD dropped adjustable steering link, HD tiebar...
  5. suncomb1

    Need New Shocks ... Suggestions?

    I run Rancho 9000 series adjustable shocks. I have Two shocks per wheel and I can really dial in the suspension for either on the street driving or high speed off-road running.
  6. suncomb1

    No ac in 1981 sr5 pickup.

    Go to the yotatech WEB site and send a private message to TREKKER PAUL. He usually has a lot of 1st generation truck parts. Tell him what you are looking for. If he does not have it he can most likely tell you where to look. Another aftermarket A/C system is Vintage Air. I use them in my Street...
  7. suncomb1

    Your opinion on nylock nuts

    Use new Nylock SS nuts every time. My truck is 31 years old and no squeaks. I have urethane bushings everywhere and grease fittings on my spring bushings. I use Mobil 1 grease on my springs.
  8. suncomb1

    Any racers or racing fans on here?

    I have a 2005 Cadillac CTS-VR (#21 of 25 built, 650 HP, Hurst, etc.) factory performance car. It is a real sleeper and I love to blow away Camaros, Mustangs and Shelbys on the highway (when it is safe to do it). I pull into the local Wawa for coffee in the morning and the local police look at...
  9. suncomb1

    Any racers or racing fans on here?

    Buy a used Camaro or Mustang with a high performance motor, four, five or six speed manual transmission and a positraction rear end. Check the rules out for which class you can run with the car your purchased. Have fun!!!
  10. suncomb1

    My Son Wants to Join the Army, what should I do?

    I would look into having him attend WEST POINT that way he can get his engineering degree and still join the Army. The Army offers programs at other schools as well that would lead to his engineering degree plus a commission. I disagree with showing him Body Bag or Coffin photos as I am sure he...
  11. suncomb1

    Classic Cars and Trucks

    Surfer Bob-I live on the Eas Coast but went to UCLA. I do not show my cars out West anymore. James-There are alot of cars for sale. Go to local shows, cruise nights, etc and look at the cars for sale. Do not buy a car at a show or event but get the owners name and contact information, wait for...
  12. suncomb1

    How to choose an off road tire?

    I run Dick Cepek Fun Country II Radials. I used to run Armstrong Norseman Radials but they went out of business. The reason I run the Cepek's is because they have the same tread pattern as the Norseman. They are quiet at highway speeds (75-80 MPH), you can air them down real low for sand or mud...
  13. suncomb1

    Classic Cars and Trucks

    It is a Barris car and the only Mercury custom they ever built with front and rear rolled pans. I have all of the documentation, photos, history, etc. from when the car was built in the Barris shop. It is not for sale but I turned down a $300,000. oo offer from a person in California.
  14. suncomb1

    Classic Cars and Trucks

    I purchased my 32 Ford Coupe in 1985 from a person in Arizonia and purchased the 50 Mercury coupe in 1988 from a person in California. I purchased my 83 Toyota truck new from a dealer in Orlando, Florida. All are show cars, the 32 has been featured in 5 magazines and the Mercury has been...
  15. suncomb1

    Classic Cars and Trucks

    My Toyota truck is 30 years old so I guess it is a classic and here is my 32 Ford Coupe and my 50 Mercury coupe.
  16. suncomb1

    Your Favorite Surfing Spot

    When I was young and surfed I liked the North Shore area of Hawaii. I also liked Australia for surfing and diving.
  17. suncomb1

    40+ Old Timers Thread

    Hi BamaKaren. Went to Hawaii for a month and Walt Disney World for a month but no new adventures lately; I usually start new ones in the Spring. I used to have a custom Harley built by Jesse James but sold it when we downsized the living quarters; I could only keep so many toys Ha! Ha!
  18. suncomb1

    40+ Old Timers Thread

    "OLD SCHOOL RULES" I really qualify for this thread (68) but most people think I am in my mid 50's (I guess I have good genes Ha! Ha!)
  19. suncomb1

    New Year's Plans

    I love Champagne with Trout, Raw Fried Potatoes and Brown Butter for breakfast. Oh Yea!
  20. suncomb1

    The ULTIMATE thread. Talk about anything.

    Actually I thought I was getting a Bucket of Coal (I was really bad this year Ha! Ha!) for Christmas but the wife suprised me with 5 refurbished Aluminum Mag wheels for my truck that I have been looking at for sometime. They are 15x10s that I can put my 33" Dick Cepek Fun Country II tires on so...

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