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  1. Samtucky

    Remote control for dual rear seat DVD

    My sister and brother-in-law purchased a Sienaa with a dual rear seat DVD touch screen system. The guy installing the DVD was very slow and when he was done, we discovered that there was not remote in the package, although it is described in the user manual. Are we the first one with this problem?
  2. Samtucky

    How long does the powertrain last?

    How many miles do you usually get out of the powertrain on a Toyota Tacoma?
  3. Samtucky

    What is your favorite engine for the Toyota Tundra?

    I love the two V-8 options, the 4.6-liter engine which produces 310 horsepower and 327 lb.-ft. of torque and the 5.7-liter generating 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. of torque.
  4. Samtucky

    Hobbies other than cars/trucks.

    I love hunting and fishing. Getting away from work and the kids. That is my past time. What about everyone else?
  5. Samtucky

    How to add ipod - '02 Cruiser

    I am trying to help my cousin add an ipod to his Land Cruiser. He has an 02 Land Cruiser with the nav system, and would like to add an aux audio input for playing content from my Droid or an ipod. How hard will this be? What do we need to do?
  6. Samtucky

    2014 Toyota Tundra Review

    Great review. Do you like the Tundra for towing? Does anyone use it to tow a camper? I would love to have a V8 Tundra. I love the luxury trim. Really nice!
  7. Samtucky

    RAV4 Owners-invite your friends

    It does not seem that there are many RAV4 Owners on this forum. If your friends own a RAV4, please tell them about Toyota Truck Club. I would really love to hear more about this great vehicle.
  8. Samtucky

    How many juice boxes fit into Toyota SUV's center bin?

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2014/03/30/toyota-highlander-bins/7014431/ It is hard to believe that the 2014 Highland can fit 60 juice boxes in the center console. I encourage you to try it yourself. The juice boxes fit easily.
  9. Samtucky

    What type of oil do you use in your Tacoma?

    I was curious about what type of oil leads to the best performance. What type of oil do you use in your Tacoma?
  10. Samtucky

    How to improve fuel economy?

    Can anyone give advice on how to improve fuel economy on a Taco? It seems like I am getting fewer miles per gallon than should be expected. I am only get 21 miles per gallon on the highway. What is the problem?
  11. Samtucky

    Style Never Goes Out Of Style" | 2014 Toyota Corolla

    This commerical is cheesy. Can't the advertising people at Toyota do better than this?
  12. Samtucky

    Dream Vacation

    What is your dream vacation? Where have you always dreamed of going? My dream is to go to Brazil. I want to visit Carnival and enjoy the beautiful beaches. I wouldn't mind checking out the beautiful ladies as well. Brazil is one place I have to visit before I die.
  13. Samtucky

    Best Toyota Truck Engines of All-time

    I would not compare a V6 to a V4. That is not fair. The reason I say this is because yeah the 4 cylinder is obviously going to be easier to work on. It's got less parts, less cylinders, valves, etc, and it's smaller so it is easier to get your hands in the cramped engine bay a little better...
  14. Samtucky

    Toyota to pay $1B to settle criminal probe

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2014/03/19/toyota-settlement-unintended-acceleration/6595345/ Toyota provided incomplete statements to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the government's car safety arm. As a result they now have to pay $1 billion. This seems like a...
  15. Samtucky

    Favorite Bands-who do you like?

    I am a big fan of Ramstein. I also like the Beatles. What is your favorite band?
  16. Samtucky

    Worst YouTube Video You Have Seen

    I thought this would be a fun thread. Post the worst YouTube videos that you have came across. I can't wait!
  17. Samtucky

    Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball "Hard to believe that Miley gets paid millions?

    It amazes me that some people like Miley Cyrus make millions and they have absolutely no talent. This YouTube Video has been viewed 581,339,117 times.
  18. Samtucky

    Russian news head: We can bomb US into ‘radioactive ash’

    http://nypost.com/2014/03/17/russian-news-agency-head-we-can-bomb-the-us-into-radioactive-ash Does Dmitry Kiselyov not realize that the US would retaliate and bomb Russia into ash as well? Both countries would be destroyed if the U.S. and Russia went to war.
  19. Samtucky

    Used Tacoma for sale

    There are many used Tacomas for sale in Pittsburgh. However, it seems to be difficult to find a good buy on Craigslist. Can anyone recommend a good website to find used Tacomas? Maybe I should just purchase a new Tacoma. Then I would have to worry about any used car salesman...
  20. Samtucky

    World Series

    Who is your pick to play in the World Series this year? I am predicting that the Red Sox meet the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series.

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