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  1. Samtucky

    Gears pop out

    Did you get this fixed? It seems strange that it pops out in third gear.
  2. Samtucky

    Remote control for dual rear seat DVD

    My sister and brother-in-law purchased a Sienaa with a dual rear seat DVD touch screen system. The guy installing the DVD was very slow and when he was done, we discovered that there was not remote in the package, although it is described in the user manual. Are we the first one with this problem?
  3. Samtucky

    How long does the powertrain last?

    How many miles do you usually get out of the powertrain on a Toyota Tacoma?
  4. Samtucky

    What is your favorite engine for the Toyota Tundra?

    I love the two V-8 options, the 4.6-liter engine which produces 310 horsepower and 327 lb.-ft. of torque and the 5.7-liter generating 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. of torque.
  5. Samtucky

    Time to trade in my Pickup - any recommendations?

    I would recommend the Highlander. I like its design.
  6. Samtucky

    Hobbies other than cars/trucks.

    I love hunting and fishing. Getting away from work and the kids. That is my past time. What about everyone else?
  7. Samtucky

    How to add ipod - '02 Cruiser

    I am trying to help my cousin add an ipod to his Land Cruiser. He has an 02 Land Cruiser with the nav system, and would like to add an aux audio input for playing content from my Droid or an ipod. How hard will this be? What do we need to do?
  8. Samtucky

    Hockey Trash Talk - NHL Playoffs 2014

    I can't stand the Blackhawks, especially Marian Hossa.
  9. Samtucky

    Guess what Toyota Truck is on the top of the shopping list for the Syrian Army

    Interesting that the US State Department gave the rebels Toyota trucks. It seems that Toyota trucks are good for just about everything.
  10. Samtucky

    2014 Toyota Tundra Review

    Great review. Do you like the Tundra for towing? Does anyone use it to tow a camper? I would love to have a V8 Tundra. I love the luxury trim. Really nice!
  11. Samtucky

    2007 Sienna AC Broke

    Maybe you guys can come over and do some work on my Tacoma. My wife will even cook you dinner.
  12. Samtucky

    Secure carriage of mountain bikes

    http://www.brandsport.com/toy-pt785-35052.html?cmp=fwgs2011&gclid=CKD9mJfcwb0CFVQV7AodWB4AzA This one is $114.76. Check it out.
  13. Samtucky

    RAV4 Owners-invite your friends

    It does not seem that there are many RAV4 Owners on this forum. If your friends own a RAV4, please tell them about Toyota Truck Club. I would really love to hear more about this great vehicle.
  14. Samtucky

    New York Times 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited

    The 2014 Highlander looks great. However 18 miles per gallon in the city makes it expensive to run. That is why I won't purchase a Highlander.
  15. Samtucky

    White smoke fron exhaust manifold?

    There may be leakage between the engine and the exhaust manifold which means that you need a new manifold gasket. However if oil is coming out where the valve cover connects to the head, and it's smoking when it hits the hot exhaust manifold, you don't have a dangerous condition, you just have...
  16. Samtucky

    Hockey Trash Talk - NHL Playoffs 2014

    The Bruins are going down. Sidney Crosby will hoist the Stanley Cup!
  17. Samtucky

    Alpine SBR-S8-4 ~ Placement in Tundra?

    Most likely it will fit without a problem. According to Alpine it is just over 6" deep as it sits in the OEM box.
  18. Samtucky

    Transmisson Issues

    Well, I have never had a transmission issue with a Toyota and doubt that I ever will.

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