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  1. kennythewelder

    Pre runner at the car show

    This guy was at the car show on Saturday. Looks like he will be a regular, maybe. It's a very nice pre runner.
  2. kennythewelder

    Bucket seat swap.

    My sons Tacoma, had a bench seat. When we bought the truck a few months ago, we noticed that the drivers side seat had a dip, and didnt sit rite, so I took it out to look at it. All of the springs on the drivers side were broken, so I told Him then, that we would get a set of seats from pull a...
  3. kennythewelder

    Tacoma Camper top

    My wife said the other night, that we should look for a camper top for my sons 2010 Tacoma that He got a few months ago, after He totaled His 2008 Ram. After we talked, and agreed that we would give Him a camper top for Christmas and His birthday. It hit me the next day, that my neighbor tried...
  4. kennythewelder

    Tahoe seats in my 97 Silverado

    ny as many of yall know, my dailey driver is a 97 Silverado 3 door extended cab in near show room condition. My wife drives the 2004 4 Runner, and my son has a 2010 Tacoma base modle. I have been working my a$$ off this labor day weekend. Got my 95-98 Tahoe bucket seats installed. Had to move my...
  5. kennythewelder

    New member to the family

    So my son wrecked His Ram 3 days after mom passed away last month, so we been looking for something for Him. The insurance finally gave Him a check for the Ram, as it was totaled. We looked at a bunch of different stuff, including several Honda CR-Vs. Then we found this gem. Its perfect. Just...
  6. kennythewelder

    Mom passed

    I know I havent been on much over the last few days. My Mom passed away. She was 96 years old, and came down with covid. We were able to give Her a nice send off. She made all of Her own arrangements years ago, and paid for it all Herself over the years. She even had Her obit written down. It...
  7. kennythewelder

    Funny $hit

  8. kennythewelder

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  9. kennythewelder

    Man this is some funny crap.

  10. kennythewelder

    Show off your TTC stickers.

    My wife got the sticker in the mail yesterday. By the time I got home, She had installed it, but She cuts off truck club first. It still looks good though.
  11. kennythewelder

    Polishing the 04- 4 Runner

    So my wife buffed out and waxed Her 4 Runner, last weekend. And No you cant hirer Her. Looks good for a SUV with around 150,000 miles, rite.
  12. kennythewelder

    TS Berry

    I got off of work today at 2:30 PM. Started preping for the storm. I finished at 9:45 PM. But Im ready. I will ride it out. Im have a brick house on a CMT slab and Im not in a flood zone, so I should be good. May not have CEL service tomorrow IDK. I will post again when I can.
  13. kennythewelder

    '31 Ford ~ showed up at our shop yesterday

    This showed up at our shop yesterday. Well me being me, I had to find out who it was for, so I opened up the main door, and 2 guys were standing there. An old man, well into his 80s, and another guy in his 50s. So I look at the 50ish guy and say, is that your 32. The old man well , into His 80s...
  14. kennythewelder

    Shining & polishing under the hood

    Ive been doing some aluminum buffing under the hood on my 97, Silverado. All polished parts are OE replacement parts that I bought at Orileys. I sanded and buffer them to this finish. What do you guys think.
  15. kennythewelder

    Whats it like in your area

    So, I thought I would start this thread to what I woke up to this morning. Almost a tropical storm. The water has gone down, and its 90 and sunny this afternoon. I did manage to make it to work at 6:30 AM, but had to drive through flooded streets. Henderson, the first video is just east of me...
  16. kennythewelder

    Which ones are smarter

    Go to be the bottom ones, they are a lot funnier for sure
  17. kennythewelder

    Tailgate Banner

    So I am working on polishing out my aluminum tailgate banner. I striped off the OE clear coat, and repainted the letters. We have a biker who comes to the shop regular for us to do some welding for Him. Mostly aluminum. He is a master metal polisher. His aluminum work is second to none. He can...
  18. kennythewelder

    Pop ups on Toyota Truck Club website

    Lots of pop ups lately. Hows your soft where Steve? Got any trash in there?
  19. kennythewelder

    Why not celebrate Christmas?

    Well its different for everyone, but for my wife and I, its because it was my sons birthday. He died 3 years ago, and its just a reminder that he is no longer here. I will never have Grand kids, I can never have any contact with my son again. So if you see someone who is not in the mod to...

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