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    Fuel issue, fuel pump and filter good

    theres another relay behind the glove box above the blower housing they work in sink at least i believe the 04 still had them just so you know
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    Trying to save my rotten '86 Base Turbo Pickup

    im not sure what your budget is but we can rebuild your cab and fab a new frame its alot of work but we can do it we just did a 1995 cab frame and all new parts every bolt nut screw all new it takes around 3000 hours to compleet a full resteration but this is the end result it has 6 inch lift...
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    Fuel issue, fuel pump and filter good

    ok first check the pin connectors in the fuel portion of your wire harness it may be a worn loose or dirty pin inside one of the plugs thats an easy fix and really cheep theres vids online on how to change the pins that number one now number two it could be the o2 sensor in the exhaust there...
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    New Tacoma owner looking for advice for off roading... old man off roading lol!

    a small suspension lift and trail rated shocks all stainless exhaust 10,000 lb winch and you will be on top of the world
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    Ball joint issue?

    replace the factory ones with moog they have lifetime warrenty and are better quility and should solve the issue once and for all
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    2000 Toyota Tundra brake lights not working

    its most likely the relay they are verry touchy take them out and clean them or if they are bad replace them
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    New taco person

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    2wd front wheel play, 2003 taco

    as long as you havent put alot of miles on them loose then yes tighten them a bit but not to much
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    New guy to the forum

    its good for another 400,000 just oil undercoat it three times a year
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    grease while replacing tie rod boots?

    i always do its just good insurance
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    Why did you pick your Tacoma over another choice?

    its verry simple when america builds a truck as good as toyota then we"ll see but the answer short and sweet is depenability
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    Fluid Leak From Small Hole In Drive Shaft

    replace your rear seal and check for cracked output shaft
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    2021 tacoma

    its great truck but really should have gone 4x4 .
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    Clutch master and slave cylinder

    most likly its going to be throwout arm rotted off inside the housing or could be the arm popped off the rocker ball inside the housing that was common problem if the truck was driven alot the ball will ware it can be replaced

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