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  1. kennythewelder

    Happy to be in your Club

    Welcome to the forum.
  2. kennythewelder

    Towing shock absorbers for Tundra 2007 - what are the best options?

    Well, air shocks of you can find them. Bilstein makes some of the best regular shocks you can buy.
  3. kennythewelder

    Carburetor Help - '79 Engine in '74FJ

    2 jet, do you mean 2 barrel carburator? We really need more information. I am not a Toyota mechanic. This is a member supported forum. So, what is a 2F engine. 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder ? What size is it. A pic of the carb would also help. Places like Summit Racing, and Jegs do sale...
  4. kennythewelder

    What's my truck worth?

    IMO, ask $5500. You can always come down some on the price.
  5. kennythewelder

    Spark plugs

    It could, it mite. The first step will be to remove the old plugs and see what they look like. You can tell a lot by looking at ( reading) the spark plugs. Don't get cought up in all of the hype about spark plugs. Just replace them if needed with Denzo OE plugs. Low fuel pressure can and will...
  6. kennythewelder

    Buying a Used Truck - advice needed

    Tacoma is what made Toyota what it is today. Or let me rephrase that and say the small truck is what made Toyota what it is today. Toyota doesn't make junk. No 4x4 is going to give grate MPGs. The trick is to find one in decent shape with out a bunch of modifications.
  7. kennythewelder

    Oil temperature warning light

    Not sure about an oil temp light. And without a true oil pressure gauge, it's hard to say exactly what the oil pressure is. This may be a good time to look into adding a decent aftermarket oil pressure gauge. If it's oil temp, then it very well could be a trans temp gauge. It's been a long time...
  8. kennythewelder

    Oil temperature warning light

    It brings up a lot of questions. Is the oil level full? How often do you change your oil and filter? What oil are you using? What weight is that oil? How many miles are on the engine? Living in a hot climate like you do, you are going to want to run a thicker oil.
  9. kennythewelder

    Rodents in the Dash board. So much for that "New Truck" smell.

    This last go round, the owner put out some tomcat poison, but that stuff is weak. If your going to get some poison, try the feed store if you have one local.
  10. kennythewelder

    Rodents in the Dash board. So much for that "New Truck" smell.

    You can poison them, and that works, but, then you get that smell of death for about a week or so. We fight this issues at our shop. Mostly rats more so than mice. We have had an exterminator put out some poison before and kill of the rats, but man that stinks when they die in the walls. I...
  11. kennythewelder

    Rodents in the Dash board. So much for that "New Truck" smell.

    And that can be difficult to deal with. If it's just mice it's not as bad. Rats are a different story. A trap is sometimes the best option. Sticky traps do work good, but they usually work better if you load the center up with peanut butter.
  12. kennythewelder

    2007 Highlander Struts

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry I can not help you any more than this. Bilstine, and KYB are both top notch strut, and shock manufacturers.
  13. kennythewelder

    Battery Issues ~ Only Lasting Two Years

    Thanks for replying. Again this is a 6 year old thread.
  14. kennythewelder

    No Crank, No Start

    Grate you are replying, but this is a 5 year old thread. Look just under the posters avatar. That is the time stamp on when the thread was posted. Welcome to the forum.
  15. kennythewelder

    Pre runner at the car show

    This guy was at the car show on Saturday. Looks like he will be a regular, maybe. It's a very nice pre runner.

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