Locked keys inside Toyota Tacoma!

Discussion in 'Toyota Truck General Discussion' started by Johnclave777, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Johnclave777

    Johnclave777 New Member

    I forgot my key inside my Tacoma and locked the door now i done have an alternate key how should i get it back what should i do?????
  2. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Moderator Staff Member Platinum Supporter 100 Posts

    Slim Jim
    Call a Lock Smith
    Break the smallest window
    if it has a sliding window you may be able pop the lock on it
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  3. toyotafan

    toyotafan Administrator Staff Member 1000 Posts

    I'd call a lock smith for sure, probably cost you $50 to open a lockout. I have AAA so it's all prepaid and I don't have to worry about fumbling with cash or anything at the time I need service, plus they are more responsive when they're dealing with AAA because they know that there will be an automated call-back and they will get graded on their service.

    AAA Roadside Benefits - Lockout Service
  4. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Moderator Staff Member Platinum Supporter 100 Posts

    I havent bought a new Toyota in 13 years, do they still give you the plastic credit card key that will only unlock the door?
    I still have the one for my 99 Tacoma and it's never been used.
  5. antonino

    antonino New Member

    A lock smith will do. Worse case scenario is the little breakings that must be done. If your car have alarms, then better inform the neighborhood right away, or they might call the cops.
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  6. TruckRider

    TruckRider Mechanic 1000 Posts

    Hi Johnclave777, any updates, Did you get this figured out? How did you fix the issue so far?
  7. eric808

    eric808 New Member

    Call a locksmith. The Tacoma locks look like you could use a slim Jim, but the vertical rod is in a plastic housing. Slim jim wont grab it. What the locksmith well use is a rod about 20 inches long, that has a4 inch piece going up afrom the bottomt about 11 oclock, then to a1 inch piece that goes to

    - - - Updated - - -

    About 8 oclock. The rod goes in, under thewindow, into the cab and comes out right next to the vertical lock., on thee inside of the cab. It then catches onto the lock (the side facing the
    window) and pulls the thum
    b latch up. I'm a locksmith!
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  8. TruckRider

    TruckRider Mechanic 1000 Posts

    What a great piece of advise, Welcome to the site [MENTION=4251]eric808[/MENTION]

    So do you have a shop in were you do your profession as a locksmith?
  9. MuddyTacoma

    MuddyTacoma Well-Known Member Platinum Supporter 100 Posts

    Never heard back from you on this.

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